EMPIRICAL The Plum, I Suppose
Empirical The Plum I Suppose

EMPIRICAL The Plum, I Suppose

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There’s a Robert Frost poem called “The Rose Family.” The gist is that while the rose is widely regarded as a thing of beauty, it is related to the less beautiful peach, apple and “plum, I suppose.”

This is based on the dried inner plum kernel, which has a similar scent and flavour to almonds. The plum kernel has marzipan high notes and a nuanced sweetness that’s refreshing and bright. The Plum, I Suppose captures the flavour of plum from the fruit and almond from the seed.

Notes: Sweet, marzipan, floral, bright
ABV: 32%
Volume: 500mls
Serve: Neat or with citrus soda.
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