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Ryukyu 1429

Ryukyu 1429 Tsuchi

Ryukyu 1429 Tsuchi

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Tsuchi is a unique Awamori blend whose name means Earth. It comes from Tomigusuku. Tsuchi is aged in clay pots. The earth in these pots is composed of soil from different Okinawan regions, leading to a product with bold flavor and a warm, inviting aroma.

The seductive sweet fragrance of a pear, the liquid is carried away smoothly, leaving a tint of bitterness on the edge of your tongue. With time, the bitterness matures to a feeling of dark chocolate and cocoa.

Notes: Spicy, initial bitterness, forwardness
Aroma: Almond, Chocolate, Pear 

Volume: 700mls
ABV: 43%


Awamori is the treasured spirit of the ancient RYUKYU Kingdom of Japan. This small cluster of islands is now known as Okinawa, but the 600+ year old spirit continues to play an integral role in the culture. 

Awamori is a beautiful result of this cultural fusion. It originates from the Thai drink Lao Khao and its main ingredient, indica rice, also hails from Thailand. The Okinawans refined the distillation process and created something uniquely and beautifully representative of the Ryukyu Kingdom.

Authentic Awamori can only have three ingredients: Water, indica rice and black koji mold. The exceptionally pure water is mixed with the rice and the koji is left to rest in the mash for 2-4 days (more on that in the next section). It is distilled only once in steel pot stills. If it is aged, the traditional aging process takes place in clay pots called kame, but modern methods usually use stainless steel. The resulting distillation is one of the cleanest, purest spirits in existence.

RYUKYU 1429 Authentic Ryukyu Awamori is available in three distinct versions. Kaze, Mizu and Tsuchi. Each version has it’s character.


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