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Muyu Vetiver Gris

Muyu Vetiver Gris

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This composition created by Alex Kratena is based on alchemy of wood.

The earthy, leathery base is freshened with grapefruit notes and vivacity of Timur, Patchouli and freshness of Petit Grains dominated by Cedar. Earthy, woody, and mystical.

Muyu is a modern liqueur, created with natural ingredients.

Each liquid begins with the precious extraction of a single note, after which the secondary sequences of extraordinary ingredients are wrapped around each note to create a completely developed and complex liquid.

Muyu brings extraordinary ingredients to modern bartenders. It is to be shared in highballs during aperitif hour, mixed in cocktails and drunk on the rocks.

Notes: Earthy, woody, mystical, intriguing, endless

Designed to be enjoyed as highball with grapefruit soda

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