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Jukes Cordialities

Jukes 5 Crisp White Gift Box

Jukes 5 Crisp White Gift Box

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Organic apple cider vinegar based, citrus and fresh.

Jukes 5 is gleamingly green/white with a luminescent sheen and its tone is directly informed by its core ingredients. The main flavour themes found on the palate are built on the precise blending of lemon, pear, green apple, cucumber, gooseberry and grapefruit and with the addition of carefully selected vegetables, fragrant herbs and flowers. There is also a discreet level of spice that gently scours the palate and pricks the senses.

Notes: Citrus, Fresh, Refreshing 
Volume: 9 x 30mls
Signature Serves: Take a wine glass and fill it halfway with chilled still, sparkling or, even tonic water 

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