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Tokoyama Shuzo

Jozan 'Plus Age 2019' / Mizunara Oak Reserve 2019 Junmai Daiginjo

Jozan 'Plus Age 2019' / Mizunara Oak Reserve 2019 Junmai Daiginjo

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Founded in 1804, the brewery Tokoyamashuzou Jyozan, while valuing the original method, takes in new ideas and spare no effort while blending in with the climate to create a miracle drop that has both softness and strength. A sake brewery that pursues only truly delicious sake and always aims to evolve from its own commitment.

The gentle and fragrant aroma of Mizunara and the grain aroma of sake combine delicately. Hints of nuts and dried fruits blend with the aroma of wood, vanilla, and spices, to give off a well-balanced aroma.

At first taste, the sweetness and umami are moderately elegant. The mellow texture of the sake spreads comfortably throughout the palate with some acidity that is delicate and brings a light accent to the quality of sake. At the back end, the oaky flavors of the Mizunara stand out. This sake has a long but delicate finish.

Country: Fukui, Japan
Type: Junmai Daiginjo
Volume: 720mls
ABV: 16%


Plus age series matures sake from six sake breweries, mainly in the Hokuriku region. Using water and sake rice grown in the area, the sake produced by the rich natural environment and the harsh cold of winter gives you a taste that sets the scene and teleports you almost immediately to the sake brewery.

Incredible for its mellow taste, the plus age series is made by aging sake in Quercus Crispula barrels called "MIZUNARA Japanese oak".

The Plus Age series is made with strong acidity but is gentle and mellow at the same time. The sake is aged in barrels to achieve a deep taste that cannot be imitated by any other method.

Plus Age series is aged in barrels for about 8 months, then returned to the sake brewery for long-term aging. The unique feature about this endeavor is that the sake does not deteriorate. Sake, which has a mellow aroma due to barrel aging can develop a rich aroma that ripens by further aging and changes to a beautiful amber-like color.

The Plus Age series is a distinction from traditional sake. In particular, the complex and mellow flavor derived from barrel aging matches with protein-rich dishes, and can be combined with charcoal-grilled dishes such as yakitori and bbq. The moderate amount of alcohol and high acidity cuts through fat and softens greasiness, making it a suitable pairing for fried and deep-fried dishes. Even though it’s usually enjoyed with the food, it also makes for a very exquisite digestive.

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