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Fruktstereo Cider

Fruktstereo Fruktrocket Röd

Fruktstereo Fruktrocket Röd

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We are happy to introduce our latest addition to our line of products: FRUKTROCKET. With FRUKTROCKET we will bridge the gap between cider, beer and wine, by making collaborative co-fermented drinks between Fruktstereo and Rocket brewing. We brew the wort at Rocket and ferment it in the Fruktstereo winery, adding fruit juice, berries or grapes from our own production or good friends. No rules, dogmas or confinements. Only the pursuit of boundary pushing deliciousness.

60% rye wort, 30% The Fruit Pet-Nat Formerly Known As Cider, and 10% rondo grapes

A wild berry beer with a darker rye base and deeper red aromas. The rye has brown notes of grain and bread, a velvety mouthfeel; the frukt part is a grape and berry macerated cider; it also contains fermented apple juice and red wine barrel aged on old oak.

Volume: 330mls
ABV: 6.5%

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