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Fernet Hunter

Fernet Hunter Yōtei

Fernet Hunter Yōtei

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Fernet Hunter Yōtei is a limited edition of the original Fernet Hunter and a fresh take on a classic Italian bitter.

Mount Yōtei is an inactive volcano located in Hokkaido, Japan - an area known for its incredibly unique, vibrant, and fragrant lavender that blooms during the summer season. Fernet Hunter Yōtei is a celebration of this lavender and the raw natural landscape of Hokkaido from which it grows.

With only 1000 bottles produced, what separates Fernet Hunter Yōtei from the rest of the Fernet Hunter family is the inclusion of Yōtei lavender, which is combined with Arnica and Orrisroot to produce a true bitter with a distinct aromatic character and complexity.

Volume: 700mls
ABV: 29%
Serve: Best enjoyed chilled with soda, tea, or in cocktails

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