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Fernet Hunter

Fernet Hunter Hard Mango Tea

Fernet Hunter Hard Mango Tea

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Hard Mango Tea is the second collaboration brew between Fernet Hunter, Omacke and Basao Tea. 

This is not your typical tropical tea punch, containing far less sugar than its Tiki counterparts but by using a delicately roasted Tie Guan Yin makes it no less thirst quenching.

The idea came about when some old mates met back in Hong Kong after a hiatus from one another in other parts of the planet. The product itself is what happens when a bartender meets a brewer who meets a spirit producer that likes tea, AND it just so happens that said bartender is a talented graffiti artist!

The outcome is a marvellous carbonated beverage, perfect for mellow autumnal days, with a mild hint of fresh mango along with memorable mountainous notes from Fernet Hunter. Sugar content is kept low so you stay hydrated for longer, allowing you to enjoy multiple of these magnificent marvels at any given time!

Volume: 330mls
ABV: 5.5%

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