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Yardley Brothers Beer

Established by two brothers, Luke and Duncan, Yardley Brothers has come a long way from home brewing in Luke’s living room. Throughout, their ethos has remained the same: working with other independent, like-minded quality breweries in Asia to push the craft beer scene forward, to develop, innovate, craft and create and to fight against the encroachment of corporate beer on craft by showing what real craft is.

The brewery has a production capacity of just over 5000 liters, allowing Luke to make their staple Lamma Island IPA, Hong Kong Bastard Imperial IPA, Quit Your Job! Saison, Machine Men Pale ale, and Seasonal Real Ales, as well as stretch their creative muscles and push boundaries with numerous experimental single batch brews, using fruit, cryo-hops, barrel aging, or anything else they can think of to make the best, most interesting, most exciting beer possible. This is real craft.