The Tatsumi Distillery is an incredibly unique distillery that was established by Shohei Tatsumi as a 'one man' operation in 2017. Located in the heart of Gifu Prefecture, in the traditional city of Gujo Hachiman, a quaint town at the foot of the Japanese Alps. Brewing techniques remain true to traditional practices and materials using a copper pot still and a Kabutogama wooden still to create superb gin and absinthe. 

The Kabutogama still is a distillation method that was originally developed in the Edo Period, and was widely used until the late 19th century. Tatsumi-san is committed to reviving this method through his dedication to the virtues of patience and expertise, in order to create authentic, handcrafted artisan gin and absinthe. 

Tatsumi Gin is distilled from two different Shochu bases, Sake Lees Shochu and Chicory Shochu. It is made with simply one botanical - juniper berries sourced from northern Macedonia. 

Tatsumi Distillery

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