Dave Verheul is a celebrated chef turned aperitif nerd.

With a long-standing fascination for bitter drinks, Dave decided to try his hand at making vermouth a few years ago, with the intent of serving it alongside the food at his celebrated Melbourne restaurant, Embla.

Several months spent in lockdown in 2020 gave him enough motivation and probably more importantly, the time to work on his range of small batch handmade, wildly drinkable vermouth and get it off the ground.

Based on pure, singular flavours and built with organically farmed local produce – as the name suggests – is built around the seasons, with Dave using the tools in his chef’s arsenal, including Embla’s wood-burning stove, to build complexity into his vermouth blends. 

"We make new Australian vermouth. We focus on flavours of fruit and uncommon herbs. They move with the seasons, and no two vintages will be exactly the same. Saison was conceived from the idea that vermouth could be focused on fresher, seasonal, singular ingredient-led flavour profiles, rather than the traditional heavily spice and caramel-driven palette of many European producers.”

Saison Vermouth

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