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Gnista (Swedish for "spark") was born out of the sense that people deserve something better. Dark, intense and complex, Gnista is referred to as the next generation non-alcoholic spirit by founder Erika Ollén.

Erika is a brainy cook, after nearly twenty years working with food and foodies whilst relentlessly foraging parks and woods, and eagerly experimenting in her kitchen. After having investigated what characteristics Gnista needed to have in order to actually imitate a fine spirit, the kitchen was a natural place for Erika to start. Taste inspiration was found in classic and modern spirits, and we also use some spirit making techniques. But in principle, Gnista is built and balanced the same way you’d cook a delicious meal. 

Produce is organic when better and locally grown when possible. Every ingredient included serves its purpose.
• Rhubarb for acidity
• Oak for tannins
• Raisins for sweetness
• Ginger, Vin Linh black pepper and Habanero for bite
• Beet syrup for body, as a flavour carrier and because it’s fantastic to smoke (the combination birch and coffee woods we recommend!)
• Wormwood for bitterness
• Lovage and other botanicals for character

The above ingredients are then treated separately or together, always careful to keep as many flavour nuances as possible.
• Maceration
• Steam distillation
• Infusion
• Smoking
• Filtration

The result is the first non-alcoholic spirit which resembles the flavour depth, complexity and intensity of alcohol. 

Just like any spirit. Except it's not. 

Gnista Spirits