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Cloudwater Brew Co.

At the heart of Cloudwater Brew Co. is a deep love for the changing seasons, each bringing with it an invitation to enjoy the scarcity and abundance the natural world offers.

Independently owned, Cloudwater Brew Co is a craft brewery based in Manchester, UK. Established in 2014, the brewery began making beer the following year. The idea was to brew different beers continuously, without creating a core range like most craft breweries. The focus on the changing seasons and only using fresh hop varieties was unheard of. Hundreds of different beers, in styles old and new, classical and imagined, have since been brewed.

Outside our range of evolving and one-off seasonal beers, we collaborate with some of the world’s best breweries, and we also produce modern takes on classic styles. Though modern beer is our focus, we honour those that trail-blaze around us, and that pioneered before us by a constant focus on quality and innovation.

Cloudwater Brew Co