Æblerov Cider

Æblerov Cider

It was in 2011 when the two young men behind Æblerov, Christopher Melin and Morten Sylvest-Noer, set out to make wild Danish apple cider. Or as they modestly describe it “real” cider". Made from spontaneously fermented must from organic apples, with no added yeasts, and little to no filtration as part of a “delicious rebellion” against conventional cider production. 

Starting out of Melin’s parents garage in Valby, Copenhagen, the two of them had met working at a natural wine bar: Melin on the floor and Sylvest-Noer in the kitchen, both just emerging into the world of the unfiltered.

 Æblerov in Danish translates into “apple robbery”—the two began, in fact, by “robbing” apples from the gardens of their parents, friends, and surroundings, consequently harvesting regular native apple varieties rather than apples cultivated specifically for cidermaking.

It took four years from their first production in 2011 to the launch of their first commercial vintage. Since then, Æblerov has helped revive and revitalise the artisanal cider culture in Denmark.

Aeblerov Cider

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